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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Temple Beth Am 4th Grader's plant "A Garden on the Bay"

Parents , Teachers, Teachers aids and organizers (me) were a  little concerned as the day started off  cloudy and wet . We were about to bring twentyone  4th graders out in the rain to plant a garden  
We noticed last year how much the kids love lunch break,  because they get to sit on the soft fairway grass
The day started out with a bus ride in pouring rain to an outdoor event , and ended in bright  sunshine and smiles  .  Ms. Kollers 4th grade science class made their annual  trip to Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club to plant our Garden.  Our program consists of 4 separate science lab's, The students spend 15 minutes in each . #1. Seed propagation with Daniella Tosta, #2. Butterfly Gardening with Ethan Shapiro. #3. Vegetable planting with Tim Rowan, #4. Ms. Kollers  science class . The students really enjoyed every thing about  their field trip.  We plan to have the students back in March to check on progress , harvest and eat vegetables and collect caterpillars .  Thanks again kids !

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Getting ready for another season

Next week is Thanksgiving and December is 10 days away.  Both of my seasons are about to start. At Deering Bay we will be doing Holiday Party's , Golf Tournaments, Banquets , Special Events  and the Restaurant is always busy, we won't get a break until May.  At My Farm;    I'll be planting harvesting and delivering  until April . The season is always the same and always different , The Secret is balance , work and rest , being productive but not burning out . But the key is avoiding stress,  if you stress your bodies resistance lets down and you get sick .

Friday, November 11, 2011

Florida International University Students Farm Hop Tour

The Agroecology Program; Department of Earth and Environment at FIU  had a Farm Hop tour of local and Organic Farms in South Florida . Around 20 students and Facility came by this morning and we had nice time. I was not able to answer all their questions as they were short on time. But I invite them to email me or stop by when I have more time . Thanks again call me or email me anytime