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Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Stairway to Heaven part 2

One thing I knew from watching TV, don't break the law in Hawaii  
One of Hawaii's most popular tourist destinations is illegal . Make no mistake it's   clearly marked with threats of prosecution  by dozens of signs on tall fences. For the most part  laws  go unenforced, some hikers will return to their car and find a parking ticket, or if they block a driveway or fire hydrant the car might be towed . The hikers number 40-60  on week nights and 100+ on the weekends   The upscale neighborhood of  "The Haiku Village"  is besieged nightly and the residents;
loathe, detest, despise, dislike, abhor, execrate; hikers ! However the cops will respond to and then enforce trespassing if ;  #1 People climb the stairs, freak out and call 911 on themselves. In some cases the Fire Dept. has to use a helicopter to rescue them.  #2 There's a charter school  near the foot of  stairs and hikers sometimes end up on school property , the teachers call 911 and the cops are compelled to respond and arrest hikers.                                                                                                                                                                             I could see the cloud ceiling about 60 ft above me and  decided to continue climbing.  It was much easier, a few steep areas but nothing like the climb to the first platform  and I could use both legs and arms. in the end the stairs teased me to the top, every time I would think about giving up the stairs seemed to get easier with more rest stops and flat areas .Climbing through the clouds was surreal you feel the moisture and water vapor  but you really don't get wet  after about 40 minutes I could see all the lights from the other hikers and hear conversations . One more steep section then  you cross a flat section to the summit .  I  could make out the groups huddled together for warmth. From my reading the Summit is cold, damp and windy 99% of the time , this was certainly true, the hikers all seemed miserable.    For watching the sunrise the first platform is recommended . I did not plan to stay long, I was the slowest climber on a 1 lane stairway and didn't want to cause a traffic jam and  I needed to be down  to try hitch a ride out of the hostile neighborhood to my car parked in Kaneohe .  Most of the other climbers had worn T shirts and shorts and were now very uncomfortable,  I had brought 2 " Dollar Store" rain Poncho's and decided to trade for water . I walked up to the first group of Hawaiian kids and asked if the wanted to trade. And before you could say  Pu'u'Ma'eli'eli I has 2 pints of water.                                                                                                                                                                                       What is the Summit you might ask ? to make a long story short the 2800 ft summit was a secret weapon during WWII , The old building on top once  housed radio transmitter that  sent signals  Submarines could pick up all over the Pacific Theater  as far Tokyo Bay.               I had reached the summit,  had it been a 1% day that promised a spectacular sunrise I would have stayed longer   , just like that I started down,   it was a great relief that going down was much easier .  My confidence grew  , I could use my arms on  the narrow steel railing  and put less pressure on the tired legs ,  All the while mindful of climbing rule #2   most accidents happen on the way down .  end of part 2                                                
Anticlimactic Summit , Cloudy/ foggy, cold. windy and damp.

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