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Monday, June 11, 2012

vacation tips

Yahtzee ! the outlets are 6 feet apart, and have a hedge for concealment 
If your last vacation was as memorable as a Ben Affleck Movie , you might want to save this post on your favorites.  I've just returned from a truly memorable exciting, affordable vacation adventure !  All you need for this a 100ft. extension cord( and power strip) and 100ft of garden hose, because  most Foreclosed homes don't have  power or water. No hassle check-in  just use a lock pic or an open window.  Plugging into the neighbors power and water is exciting , and  in Jacksonville Beach  they speak American  and fire warning shots
It's rare when I can't talk my way out of a Felony Breaking and Entering charge , so just a reminder, you can't bribe someone with a Visa Card, so take some cash.  and save money eating Ramen  noodles , Mosquito repellent is also effective against bed bugs. I would also recommend sleeping with a head lamp and shoes on 
" OMG that homeless guy is staring at us !"
"Those chick's are totally checking me out"