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Thursday, June 28, 2012

container growing

Sunday Mornings at the Farmers Market I love to talk gardening with customers and friends . If you know me , then you know  I'm not a fan of container growing for many reasons.  However Pineapples seem to be the exception to the rule.       For the last 4 years or so  I  have been experimenting  growing pineapples and has learned a few things. One thing I've noticed is that Pineapples do very well in containers; I use large  15-25 gallon pot's  filled with  premium  potting soil, a hand full of Organic 6-6-6 fertilizer and water every day. I've also found slow growing pineapples can some times sunburn so I leave the pots under the shade of a small oak tree.  The fruit harvested from these potted plants can get nearly as big as fruit bought in grocery stores.   Gardening is about results so spend the money on the premium potting soil, I do not recommend bagged "topsoil" or "50/50"

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