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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oh no, You're back again !

For  years Chub hosted  many fishing tournaments , this is before catch and release , they would fish all day and leave the fish to rot on the pier and  drink scotch all night .

Chub Cay
Chub Cay Marina , we anchored in the creek between Chub and Crab Cay

 Fishing Boats like this are  all over the Bahamas they have a live  fish well and and open flame cook stove on deck, they are similar to Reggie and DD's boats

 The sun was finally coming up but the storm  was not letting up, we jumped off the boat  and swam ashore . we needed a break so many hours aboard the boat. We decided to walk to the Commissary and get a beer  and wait for the storm to subside .  the boat was listing badly but  we figured the design of the Trimaran could withstand 1 of 3 hulls flooded .  We must have looked and smelled  like hell, this added to our well cultivated  image of being " The trailer park trash of  the 7 seas" .  I walked in to the Commissary and grabbed a 6 pack. That's when  the cashier likely speaking for all 29 Islands and 661 Cays  of the Bahamas said " Oh no, your back again"  when are you leaving "??        This would be our 3 visit to Chub Cay and on a very small Island we had managed to make quite a nuisance of our selves..                     Yeah its good to be back ,    we took our breakfast and sat down on the picnic table .  There was a buzz on the Island , everyone was talking about the plane crash last night ..  I asked around and apparently a plane had taken off in the storm last night  and crashed in the Ocean a mile or so  directly south of the Island .    We started to speculate, why  would any pilot take off in that storm ?  what was so important  to fly in those weather conditions ??   "Are you thinking what I'm thinking said John ?"    Yeah maybe we'll get lucky and some "cargo" will float ashore.               By the time we got back to the boat it was nearly sunk , we quickly boarded and started bailing water , we used our 5 gallon porta pottie bucket   and a hand pump after about 30 minutes  the boat was sea worthy we could head for the anchorage .  I was straining to pull up the anchor it was buried in the sand  , that's when I noticed debris from the plane was making its way to the beach !   We had to make for the anchorage  we would come back later and  beach comb for "Cargo".. The  enterance to the anchorage is shallow and pretty much closed at low tide to sail boats ,  we bumped the bottom   coming in ( I hate that sound)  but made it .   After we Anchored and pumped out the boat to safe level, we headed back to the beach,  plane debris had littered the beach  seat belts,seat cushions and some pieces of the interior . That's when I saw a brief case 50 ft out floating towards us.  We all got excited no doubt it was full of drug money !!  I swam out to get it  ,  crap it was the pilots flight bag ...only maps, compass and empty sunglasses case .  That's  when we noticed  2 things   more debris floating towards the beach (suitcases)!!!        And........  a boat heading our way, that looked suspiciously like the fishing boat from Big and little Whale Cay.      Well it was really no choice at all , we dropped everything and walked back into the trees and back to the Commissary.   already low on money and supplies , we had to at least start talking about the unthinkable ....heading back to Miami and getting a job ..  That's when we spotted Reggie and DD, 2 local  fisherman/conch divers from Nassau.  DD was giving Reggie hell because  Reggie was just getting drunk and neither of them had caught any fish or Conch. Reggie was sitting drunk on the picnic benches  , As they saw us approach DD had a last word and left.  Reggie  told us  he had just been partying and not fishing due to bad weather , he had been banned from the Commissary and Fishing Club for being drunk and fighting.   He also asked us for help, There was a fishing tournament starting tomorrow  and tonight would be a big party for the fisherman, he was banned from the Club ,  could we help him  sell some weed ?    I told him my throat was a little dry and if he gave me $10 dollars for beer I would be able to discuss bid-ness ...... to be continued ...

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