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Monday, May 21, 2012

Oh no !! You're back again ?? ( part 2)

Man cleaning Conch

Bahamian Defence force boats , the older boats  were smaller, 2 man crew , like any police never around when you need them , only when you don't

With no refrigeration  a cold beer was a real luxury

The day  that had started out  as a disaster , was beginning to shape up !  I was working a nice beer buzz and the sun was coming out .  Mary however seemed annoyed , and she asked me if I was about to do something stupid,  I told her we were out of food , water and money we had sold or lost everything of value , and the only thing we had left was a  deep well of stupidity , so I was going to use our only resource ! and to "get me another beer", she said "get it yourself " and walked away..   The luxurious fishing yachts had already started to arrive .    The Calypso band was setting up steel drums and the wait staff from  the private club was skirting tables and setting up chaffing dishes for the fishing tournament party .   Well time to find my cleanest dirty clothes,   I made my way back to the boat and told Mary about the "free buffet and open bar"  she seemed to warm up a little.  We would wait till the party got going and people were liquored up and friendlier , and walk in like honored guests and hit the buffet and bar.   Soon it was dark  we could hear the band playing and we could smell the food, we determined the party was in full swing !   We made our way over and hit the buffet , I tried to eat slow but I was starving, some of the band and staff knew we were crashing, but said nothing .  We had not eaten this well since we crashed Club Med on Nassau  ( another story for another day) . fish , steak, shrimp, rice, potatoes , salad  and desert !!  I asked Mary if she still thought this was a stupid idea, she smiled and said; "I'm going to the bar  how many beers do you want", I said; "as many as you can carry" !   Soon everyone was hammered , one big happy family ! Yachtsmen, Bahamian fisherman,  tourists and locals .  Reggie had managed to slip in and join the party .    But there was trouble brewing , The Club manager approached him and asked him to leave , after a heated exchange Reggie quickly left ,   We stayed till  the party ended , I was hammered but had the presence of mind to grab a few to go boxes of food and cold ones for breakfast .   The next morning . Reggie's boat was gone , maybe he left  ? Mary was relived  she wanted nothing to do with selling weed.  We had breakfast and were chill'in on the boat when   we spotted Reggie's boat coming back in ,    after he anchored  we went over to see him , he said the Club manager  called the police ,( on a small Cay  that  happens to be the Bahamian  Defence Force) he took the boat out and dumped all his weed .( he had no Sense) .He said the weather was improving and he needed to fill his boat with fish and conch and head back to Nassau , he asked us If we would  crew on his boat, his only crew member "Basil"  had jumped ship, from not being paid. I said "sure  what do we have to do" ?   He said we have to dive conch and catch fish. " great  lets do it ". By now , we had to head back to Miami, and we needed a minimum of $100 for Gas and supplies , it didn't mater where the money came from came  , Conch or weed.     And so we headed out to dive conch and set fish traps all afternoon , it was fun , we were free diving in about 18-20 ft of water and had to take breaks because of the cold water , Reggie had a bottle of Brandy,  to warm up we would take a swallow or two . Mary Had a spiritual awakening and realized the her calling in life was to be a Conch diver .             By late afternoon we had gathered a respectable  pile of conch, and a few grey snappers,  We would probably not get rich doing this but at least we could add fish and conch to our diet of; white rice and grits.  We headed  back to the anchorage, about a mile ,   a few 100 yards  out we could see a Bahamian Defence force boat  tied up along side of  DD's boat " "oh shit"  ..........  to be continue


  1. Reminicsent of the shaking years when all can be resolved upon the scoring of the friend. I can recall late Sunday nights at the Gardens when we would uncover some Manichewictz tucked inside the podium. Let us not forget the multiple stashes of shake in the butlers pantry.