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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Normans Cay (part 4)


I remember a cartoon from the 1960's called "Tooter Turtle" the  premise was , Mr. Wizard would send Tooter  on adventure,  he would get in serious trouble and Tooter would scream " Help me Mr Wizard "   
Chub Cay in the Southern Berry Islands , we anchored off the beach on the top right side of the photo
A beautiful sand beach about a mile long
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I have done many stupid and dangerous things in my life ( and my life ain't over yet )   But I have never been  as scared as I was that morning seeing an army of armed men 100 ft away.   I could not breath or speak,   I finally asked Mary " what the hell are we gonna do "  she said " act normal"  act normal ! how in the hell  can I act normal ?  Mary handed me a Bimini breakfast (a strong rum and coffee)   I downed it  and said "give me another and this time put some rum in it"   after my second cup   my nerves were slightly better.  I asked her what to do, she said act normal  "go out and wave at them "!!  I finally overcame my paralysis , I went out on deck and stretched  turned around and waved at the men . No one returned my wave ..   We had a conference below deck on what to do ; we agreed that if they wanted us dead , we would already be so,   Our plan was to casually go up on deck pull up anchor and slowly leave the area, and ignore the Men..   We went up on deck and slowly went through the motions , it felt like a dream when your feet won't move , no one so much as looked in their direction let alone made eye contact.  We motored away we didn't look back  , we came around the end of Big whale  and out of site , we all exhaled  I was holding my breath for 10 minutes waiting to get shot !!         Omfg I can't take to much more of this .. get me another drink !!                          We had left Florida in February and many days and nights had been wet and cold , however today was shaping up to be a  hot sunny day..  As we motored away the same conversation came up again  who were they ? Drug Runners ,   Bahamian Defence force  or both ?.  We had learned possibly the most important lesson;  who ever it was, what ever they were doing , see no evil  , hear no evil  , speak no evil , just ignore them and quietly leave the area.. Big Whale Cay had a small air strip, we decided if possible stay away from small air strips.              We had left Florida armed with 3 pistols and an M1 Carbine and plenty of ammo in case of pirates or drug runners , and now they seemed  like more of a liability,  what ever was going on, we were out of our league.. minnows among sharks.                                The sail up to Chub was great   by the time we got there the sea was like a mill  pond and   not a cloud in the sky.  We anchored on the south side by a nice long beach, opened up the hatches to dry out the boat , wet clothes and bedding.   We sat there all day drinking and laughing  this certainly was an interesting trip,    today was  one of the nicest days so far.  We decided to stay the night there  and move to the anchorage  the next day.  I passed out around sunset.                                       We had all sold our watches in Nassau so I don't know the time, but I woke to find us in a terrible storm !   and we had anchored too close to shore, the rip current was holding the boat sideways  , a position you never want to be in..  The waves were around 4-5 ft and they were breaking over the boat , along with heavy rain  our leaky hatches were taking on water .     There was no chance to make for the safety of the harbor we would have to ride out the storm again,  when would I ever learn .  We had also left clothes and equipment on deck, mask , fins and   spear poles ..all gone .. Again I found my self  praying for daylight as the boat continued taking on water after a few hours the boat had a dramatic and dangerous  list !   Help me Mr Wizard ! ...... to be continued ....

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