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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

back to miami

We Motored past the two boats and waved , DD waved but the 2 man crew of the Defense Force just stared , we anchored and tried to ignore the men. After they left DD came over , He knew both policeman from Nassau and had given them some fish and conch. He explained the “Mantra” of the Bahamas ,( Tourists and Tourism is the most important thing, don’t scare away the tourists !! ). You can sell weed to tourists; some times its the highlight of their trip. But don’t hang around tourist Hotel’s and Clubs and get drunk, fight and other wise scare them ! Reggie’s crime was not selling weed but scaring the tourist . His sentence was leave Chub Cay ASAP .                                                                                                                             We had little choice but to scrounge up $100 and head back to Miami . But first we had to find $3 for a phone call . There was only 1 phone on the Island, at the Hotel front desk $3 dollars for 3 minutes . We went back to the boat and went through every cabinet , every floor board, pants and coat pocket and came up with the 3 bucks all in pennies and a few nickels . Who would we call ? Mary said she could call her father ask for the $100.  she had recently had a birthday . We decided to have it mailed General Delivery Nassau Bahamas . So we went to the Hotel to place to call, we started to count out the money , when the Clerk found out we needed money to leave the Bahamas she said “ just call I’ll count the money later “ Mary placed the call and it was set !! We would have the money in 5-7 days with some luck .                                             That afternoon We sat around drinking with DD on his boat with his 2 crew members Red & Grease. After while we went to the pier to look at the fish from the tournament. A pile of sailfish lay on the pier rotting in the sun , I asked DD “what do they do with the fish” he said they go to Nassau prison to feed inmates . The Men in the tournament could care less they where smoking cigars and drinking scotch in the club.  That's when I reached down picked  up a 70 Lbs fish and just walked away like I owned Chub Cay , at least we would eat well tonight . We cut up half for dinner and salted and dried the rest.         That night DD asked us if while in Nassau we would pick up an out board motor from his father and bring it back, his motor was on life support ,we agreed as we would have to pass through Chub anyway. We killed the next couple days beach combing and diving for Helmet Conch to sell to tourists, I was  starting  perfect  the art of baking bread in a Dutch Oven , that was helpful because  our diet was Grits some conch and warm water. At night we would fantasize about food, everyone would take turns describing their dream meal .
   Then we left for Nassau , the weather was great, fare wind , warm but no humidity, also we were seeing lots of sea life , Bottle nosed Dolphin and Turtles . By late afternoon we spotted Lifers Cay , soon we would see the entrance  to Nassau Harbor. One of the nicest days so far, A day sail just to check the mail . we were all strangely at peace with the world . (No money no problems)    We would anchor off the beach near the harbor entrance it was near a gas station , liquor store and small food market , the only draw back was the post office was a 3 mile walk . With luck we could make it by 5 pm , we arrived at the post office at 4:50 went to the window and asked about the letter . The teller came back with bad news, no letter, we  asked please check again , she could see we were desperate , she looked again. I'm sorry no letter......   it was 5 pm we had to leave .                                               One hope, Find DD's father ; Antonio Stubbs was a fisherman that tied up under the bridge to Paradise Island , a 2 mile walk.  We found him without to much trouble , he agreed to deliver the motor tomorrow  to our boat, I explained our situation and asked him for money, he ignored me and walked away.. this journey was beginning to sound  like a Country Song, lucky I didn't have a dog...  . to be continued ..

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