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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Lord works in mysterious ways !

 I’m 54 years old and I can always think of a reason to stay home, I rarely go out after dark and haven’t left the State in 20 years. But that wasn't always the case, when I was young I would travel looking for adventure . I guess that’s how I ended up in Key West . The free anchorage in Key West on my 30 ft. sail boat to be precise . By this time I was an average sailor having sailed the last 3 months in the Bahamas, all through the Bimini Chain , the Berry Islands , Nassau , Exuma chain and back to Coconut Grove. Out of money and lucky to find a job out of season, It was late Spring 1983 . Key West in Spring is famous for Waterspouts, squalls and storms that can sink large ships and challenge an experienced seaman, .on many occasions I counted 8-12 Waterspouts a day. My Job was pantry cook 3 night’s a week at Chez Amile on Front street making $33 dollars a shift . After work I would hit the package store for 3 tall boys and a Pint of cheap scotch, I would sit on the Conch train benches and get Hammered .. It was on one of these such nights I felt the presents of the ”Holy Spirit” ! I had just taken a long pull on the Pint of Scotch and had a strong sensation ! My head was spinning my eyes watering. When I opened my eyes I saw that they had forgotten to lock a large heavy chain, used to block traffic on the Conch Train. I knew this was The Lord’s way of telling me to take the 20 ft. 70 lbs. Chain. I staggered back to my boat carrying the heavy chain , and the next day used it on my anchor lines , I fastened it to my 80 lbs. mud anchor called “Big Nasty” and then to a 1 inch nylon rope off the bow (The Lord had also helped me procure "Big Nasty") I had learned about anchoring the hard way, lost equipment , hull damage and sleepless nights. That very night I was at work when we lost power, a strong squall and Water Spout had hit downtown Key West and wreaked havoc on the free anchorage . A very dangerous scenario was unfolding , all the boats in the free anchorage began to “drag anchor” the boats drift and slam in to each other, anchor lines tangle other boats and propellers . Numerous boats tangle in to one big raft, and only slow when they run aground . I spent many anxious minutes waiting for the storm to subside and check on my boat, my home all my worldly possessions . Weather clearing revealed a scene of utter carnage ! All types of boats from million dollar yachts to derelict vessels 20 in all had become tangled “rafted “ together and hit a hard shoal ! Indeed every boat except mine , .. The heavy chain had saved my boat !! That night I gave thanks to The Lord with a pint of cheap scotch whiskey!! You don’t got to be " The Virgin Mary" . To know the Lord works in mysterious ways :) I'm say'in 

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