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Monday, April 2, 2012

Dirty old man....

Well the title was either "Dirty old man"  or  "Full of horse shit" .. even though  neither one is correct . Every year   I compost organic material by the  truck load,  most of witch comes from a local horse  track ( horse shit).  The result is my farm has healthy organic soil ( not dirt) .   Every April at the end of the season  I get a Backhoe  and go to work spreading and moving compost  piles.  In Miami-Dade  most of our farm land is shallow rock land . East of the Turnpike  some areas have up to 1 ft. of Marl ,  however most of  that area has been developed  .  So if you want to be an Organic Farmer in Miami-Dade you have to compost on a large scale.   
Grey haired old man with a bad leg  that  lives with a  6 lbs.  Chihuahua = " The Lettuce Farm" 
Rich compost spread in the garden area 
The compost piles sit for 3 years before  being spread  in the garden area 

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