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Thursday, April 19, 2012

5840 days sober, 1 day at a time

The reason I love getting junk mail is , there was a time my life was such a disaster I would dread going to check  the mail.  All I would find was past due notices from creditors 
This is my mail box, it's the only one I have  and its a Federal Crime  to mess with it ,( and messing with the owner ain't a good idea neither)

I get a kick out of going to the mail box and finding only junk mail ,and no bills !
Junk such as this old Budweiser beer can show up in the garden area on occasion , it comes in with the truck loads of manure I get from Calder, it's as close as I get to beer now.
   When I was young I would think how  much is would suck  to be 54 years old . Well  just put that on the long  list of things I was wrong about. Let me tell you my life gets better every year . I  can't wait to be 108 years old my life will be twice as good.    I think what I love most are all the ironies of life,  Seemingly tragic events in your life  prove to be the  catalyst for positive change .

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