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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Algebra is always correct, but seldom useful (Pi*R^2-->)

I had an Algebra teacher try to tell me "Pie are Square" I told that Idiot "Pie are round and cornbread are square !"  Well  I can add and subtract and count dead presidents and you might guess not Valedictorian . Another thing I can count on is getting sick this time of the year , long hours and stress at the Club and long hours being wet and cold at the farm adds up to a visit to Urgent Care in Homestead, I've never even seen my United Health
Care,  Primary  Care Physician,  and probably never will, Urgent Care works for me . I normally get sick around March 1st  but lucky me I'm 1 month early !!   This year besides dehydration and exhaustion I slept on a table and got a  Neck spasms, (Torticollis, WryNeck)  ..  Well  my Math tells me that 2 days in bed = no Dead Presidents and $100 for urgent care and $5 for Valium are a tax deduction . In life you will encounter much more difficult problem's than are found on an Algebra exam , you don't need to have a 4.GPA in life ,you only need you're best effort ..  But all this writing is making me hungry for some cornbread .


  1. Pi*R^2--> Pie are square
    Pi*R0^2--> Pie are non square

    I know, I am a nerd.

  2. thank you, the joke you told me last week, gave me the title ..