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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Weather Event

I'm fascinated by South Florida Weather events, Such as Frosts, Freezes, Tropical Storms and Hurricanes . All of the Hurricanes and Tropical storms I've been through are different, as if they have a personality. The same can be said for Frosts and Freezes. What they both have in common is South Florida is only at risk for a few hours a year. Tuesday night all of Florida was under a Freeze Warning , here in South Florida we were well on our way to crop damage . I covered the Garden at Work and arrived home at 11pm, a quick check of the temperature said 35 degrees , I looked out side and it was frosting hard !! I quickly grabbed blankets and quilts and covered the most sensitive plants . I finished and checked the temps again at 11:30 it was 37 degrees !! It's very unusual for the temp's to rise on a cold , clear and calm night. I slept a few hours and checked the temp's at 5 am it was 40 degrees . This weather event was very odd, Thankfully  South Florida was spared the freeze and left with only patchy frost ..
This picture was taken around 7 am , patchy frost around the pump
Lettuces were all frosted at 11pm,   they thaw out slowly in the sunrise with no damage

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