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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spirtual Growth


John" stayed at a guest house and microwaved the soil several times , to kill any harmful bacteria that might contaminate the United States of America

A friend or relative of mine just returned from Jerusalem, Israel. This person we will call by the Synonym "John" , because "John" brought me back what Israeli Customs and the Dept. of Homeland Security might call Contraband ! When I heard "John" was traveling to Israel I responded my usual " get me a Tshirt" . The next day I thought why not e-mail "John" and ask for soil samples from The Holy Land to add to my garden soil ? The result was "John" brought me back soil samples from Garden Tomb and The Western Wall , So next time you visit me at the Farmers Market to buy salad you might also experience  some Spiritual Growth :)


  1. Ha Ha Ha, that would be the new pitch of your salad mix.
    The market was crazy today. Almost can't get the stroller through. Good thing there are still some lettuce left. When will you be around? Want to make you some salad. :p

  2. I don't know when I can get to the market. thanks for supporting Local and Organic Tim