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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Temple Beth Am 4th Grader's plant "A Garden on the Bay"

Parents , Teachers, Teachers aids and organizers (me) were a  little concerned as the day started off  cloudy and wet . We were about to bring twentyone  4th graders out in the rain to plant a garden  
We noticed last year how much the kids love lunch break,  because they get to sit on the soft fairway grass
The day started out with a bus ride in pouring rain to an outdoor event , and ended in bright  sunshine and smiles  .  Ms. Kollers 4th grade science class made their annual  trip to Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club to plant our Garden.  Our program consists of 4 separate science lab's, The students spend 15 minutes in each . #1. Seed propagation with Daniella Tosta, #2. Butterfly Gardening with Ethan Shapiro. #3. Vegetable planting with Tim Rowan, #4. Ms. Kollers  science class . The students really enjoyed every thing about  their field trip.  We plan to have the students back in March to check on progress , harvest and eat vegetables and collect caterpillars .  Thanks again kids !

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  1. Looks like a great day at the garden. And the sun did shine!