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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yes, we really do hand pick

Early in season I check my seedlings 3-4 times a day looking for caterpillars , first you  look for damaged plants . Then look and feel  carefully for the caterpillars , hand pick and crush.
I sow seeds on or about October 1st every year . I check the seedlings frequently for caterpillars,  If you check 3-4 times a day and become familiar with  the plants its easier to spot damage and   caterpillars.   In General that is one of the most important parts of growing , walking your field a couple times a day and checking your seedling.    The Idea is catch a problem early , and problem solve .  Farming for me is more of a life style than a job, I enjoy working out side ,and being productive .   As the season progresses and we get real cold fronts  I see less caterpillars and insects are less active .  I've found that properly spacing plants and mixing flowers, herbs and vegetables  also helps control insect damage .

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