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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

November Pineapples

 see also " Redland Rambles"  for more information on growing in S. Florida 
University of Florida has a great web page on  growing  Pineapple in Florida 
I am still learning about growing Pineapples in South Florida.   It seems there is 2 seasons for growing Pineapples a year.  The plants first flower in late February and give you the primary harvest in June ,  the plants again flower in early August  and are ready to harvest in November. The  secondary harvest  seems to be about 30% the yield of the primary. The plants all look healthy and I think the fruit will be in around 8-9 lbs each.  I counted my plants today and I have 250 in the ground , I will keep planting till I run out of room or die.  I don't know if a November Pineapple tastes different than a June Pineapple .  I'll let you know  :)

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  1. I will help you on tasting the pineapples. :P