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Monday, October 3, 2011

My Season Begins

I always sow the first seeds of my season on or about October 1st , This year I decided to microwave the potting soil before sowing seeds. The reason is; the last couple of years I seem to be having more problems with Dampening off; . Pathogenic Fungi in the soil can cause seeds to die before and after germination . My hope is the microwave will kill the Fungi and save me time and money.
Garden area after 1st disking
I put 2.5 lb of potting soil in Ziploc bags  and microwave for 2 minutes seal and store for a few days then  start seeds
I buy Organic seeds from 2 sources High Mowing , and I've been buying from Johnny's seeds for 20 years
Ready for the season , Buying , Rotating and storing seeds properly  insures good germination rates
Simple shade house

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