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Friday, October 7, 2011

Glock .40 make my pants sag

This week I went shopping  for a very small and light pistol to carry around the farm.   I was leaving for work last week when I barley escaped a Pit-bull attack on my own front door step !   I live West of Homestead in  rural South Miami-Dade , It has long been an area where Irresponsible  people dump unwanted pets .  About 50% of the animals I see are Pit-bull and Pit-bull mix, all the Animals and scared and hungry.   Many times in the past I have found my self with an angry Pit-bull between me and my front door. I also see and hear packs of feral dogs  night and day.  Iirresponsible people also dump exotic pets as well , Large Monitor Lizards and Burmese Pythons are common  and God knows what else ? In  rural South Miami-Dade  you could stumble on anything , For this reason I  carry a .38 caliber Derringer loaded with snake shot .

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