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Monday, October 31, 2011

First Planting

Flashy Trout Back  (Romaine/Cos) type
Today was not the best day to plant  but it was the only one I had , This is the third weekend in a row South Florida is under a flash flood warning, not just a rainy weekend  a  Flood Warning  .   Anyway you just have to keep working  and get creative . This morning It was just dry enough  to  plant 2 rows , and I hoping to get 2 more before sundown , I'll stay busy the rest of the day  and maybe even clean my floor :)   
Radicchio plant ready
I moved the plug trays near the house , to prevent damage for the strong downpours over the weekend
I put in the irrigation system last Tuesday , the Garden area is ready to plant
Planting Day = Planting Floor

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