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Monday, October 10, 2011

Elizabeth & Maurice Adams

Elizabeth and Maurice Adams , pictured here in 2000 , A picture I  call the "Good old days"

First Gardner's Market ! January 1996 , Pictured; myself , Erin, Jose, Timmy and Tess kneeling. I'm parked next to "Living Colors Nursery" and" LNB Farms"
Margie and Rachel  pictured in 2002
Last week I was reading about " The Second Community Food Summit" Every where I look now I see The Eat Local and Organic food movement growing in South Florida .  Good for me ! This  will be my 21st  season .  I can tell you starting out selling local from a small farm was not mainstream, A hand full of Chefs and Stores would buy from you , Mark Militello, Robin Haas, Pascale Odin, Norman Brothers and Gardner's Market.   Gardner's Market in particular was helpful, that is where I met the owners Elizabeth & Maurice Adams  at the time they had 4 stores in South Florida .   From the first day I met Mrs. Adams she was interested in supporting  local family farm's.  In August  1995 the Pinecrest Store was expanding and the Adams were looking for a good way to promote it. We began talking about doing a Farmers Market in the parking lot. Linda Gassenheimer set about getting Approval from Dade County, Linda was tireless in supplying the mountain of paperwork needed for the County Commission to vote. Elizabeth spent a great deal of money , time and effort pushing the project forward and organizing and promoting  My contribution was round up local farmers  .           The County unanimously approved the Market in November 1995, South Florida's Farmers Market  opened in January 1996  in Gardner's parking lot . The cost was only $20 for a parking space .   Over the years Gardner's bought from  and supported   all small farms .    Ask Margie Pakarski about Elizabeth's effort in supporting local and Organic , and "Teena's Pride"   Heirloom tomatoes, might  have stopped growing without Elizabeth support buying hundreds of cases and show casing them in  4 stores . I sold to Gardner's for 15 years and can say it really helped keep me in business . The Market that  Maurice and Elizabeth started is now at Pinecrest Gardens and is open year round, in the peak of the season 50 or more local farmers and vendors show up   Why am I writing this ?; When the history of the buy local , eat local and  organic movement is written in South Florida , Don't forget Elizabeth & Maurice Adams .  The Local & Organic food movement and  Original  Food Summit started in their parking lot ..


  1. Oh, my! That picture was of our first or second time at the market. We started with one table in 2002, and now er have 4 tents with 12 overflowing tables, ALL with FRESH, LOCAL, AND ORGANIC produce.
    Elizabeth & Maurice were our staunch supporters. They believed in us, and it showed.
    Though they're now 'retired' in their lovely cabin perched on a bulff on the Connecticut River, they still make time to swing by to visit us at the Pinecrest market during the wintertime. Many of the vendors from the early years are still there, so they get to see their creation all grown up! Thank you, Elizabeth, Maurice & Linda, and thanks, Tim, for posting this!

  2. thanks Margie, you're comments give the post credibility. Thanks again Elizabeth & Maurice

  3. What a great tribute! Had no idea you were so involved with the market from the very beginning. Good job!