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Saturday, September 3, 2011

"You didn't actually go on Normans Cay ? did you ? Part 2 (part 2)

Your not likely to read about our experience  on  Bahamas

It was on our short visit ,  the first time I thought about Farming for a living as I was not really suited for  cruising the Bahamas
                                                        In Front of us were 4 large men in para military dress, the looks on their faces were of shocked disbelief and anger, they were armed with M16 Assault Rifles.  One of the men who seemed to be the leader spoke , "who are you? where did you come from ? he commanded .  We were  in no position to do anything  except comply, I started to make up a story ( a useful skill I had acquired)  "We had just  arrived that morning , our out board motor had quit on the way to Eleuthera possibly water in the Gas"  I  said.   The man took us out side and told us to wait as he covered us with the rifle , I could hear the others in side talking , getting ready and checking their weapons .                                                                                                                                                             
The Airplane  in Normans Cay Harbor , where we Drank a toast to our good fortune !  Notice the Hammerhead Sharks !
   A few weeks ago   a  Charter boat Captain had given us a "Bahamas Cruising Guide"   from 1979 , he explained there are very few marked channels in the Bahamas  and" this Guide is how everyone  navigates". The Guide also has gives helpful advice on where to anchor and few few paragraphs about each Island and Cay.... Under the Chapter about Normans Cay it describes  a "Tropical Paradise"  . Maybe these  men were taking us there ?  or maybe we were about to get shot !!            On the walk to the beach  4 armed men followed Mary and I ,  They did not Identify themselves  and we were in no position to make demands .  The  Leader asked me my story over and over, "where are you going" , "who is with you", where is your boat?"  he commanded ..All the men were on high alert , they were cautious  and guarded   We arrived at the beach our boat was anchored about 150 ft of shore . I told them we had lost our dinghy and we had swam ashore.  The leader told me to fetch the boat and bring it to the Pier , I asked his permission to swim out to the boat and he nodded .   (The Bahamas Guide also failed to mention  That Normans Cay is also  world famous for mating Hammerhead Sharks) , but at the time the water was comforting ,( Being eaten by a Hammerhead  Shark might have been an upgrade given our circumstances  !)   I made my way to the boat  only to see   John as white as a sheet, he was watcthing us through the port hole , he didn't seem too reassured when I said;   " I got this ".                         On deck now I turned the outboard motor to the "off" position and attempted to "start it", with my  back to the  Men on shore I told John our official story , and informed him that  HE had  food poisoning  and get in the bunk and fake it ! His response was  he was about to puke anyway ! "Exactly" I said.............   I kept   pulling  the outboards cord.   When  we were both somewhat collected , I switched the outboard to on , and my next pull the motor came to life !  I waved to my new best friends on the beach and motored towards  the pier ., I prayed silently .  to be continued

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