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Monday, August 15, 2011

Food Service Lifer

I was reading the other day about the Miami Culinary Institute opening down town. It got me thinking and I realized I have cooked professionally in 5 decades starting in the 70’s. I wondered to my self , what advice I would give to young people just starting out in “ the biz” .              Then I wondered if really had any advice worth giving ??     I worked professionally in Iowa, Michigan , New Jersey, Miami, Key West, St. Croix, St. Thomas USVI and a Charter boat in the Bahamas . I live on an Organic Farm and grow my own fruits and vegetables. In younger days I hunted, shot, cleaned ,cooked and ate all types of wild game form Dove to Deer. I've done fund raisers ( for Democrats and Republicans) cooked for Presidents, Senators , Governors , Congressman, and Mayors. I've done Fine Dinning and worked a hot dog cart ,Banquettes for 2500 , French , Italian, New American, Indian, Sushi, Continental, Asian , Brunch , Lunch and Room service. Pig Roasts , Weddings , Funerals , Passover, Glatt Kosher,Quinces, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah,Baby showers, Birthdays and Golf Tournaments.                                                                              I've worked many 80 hour weeks and shifts 36 hours strait. In Hurricanes , Tropical storms, Blizzards, Floods, power outages under candle light and heat in Excess of 130 degrees . Pancake houses , Cafeterias , Country Clubs , Baguette Halls, Restaurants, Hotels , Night Clubs , Pizza Joints, Bars, Boats and back yards. I have a Hopi wood burning oven in my back yard and bake bread in a Dutch oven, I helped my Father and Uncle make wine. I've dived  for lobsters, conch and shot grouper , snapper and smoked fish and cured Salmon . I've worked sick , drunk, stoned,  bleeding, burned, blinded  and with a broken knee cap in a body cast, in a leg cast, with pneumonia , sinus infection, STD, good attitude bad attitude day in day out... ...  the consensus  is that I’m a real asshole !!   someone once told me.               "if you can't be a good example at least be a horrible warning "                                        I decided that I'm still learning myself , and would offer no Advice ..
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Playboy Club  at Great Gorge 1977   
Kriss Wessel, me and Laison Pastry Chef  1998 Loews SOS
Michelle B. and me at Loews 1998

Lobester  Night at the Club 2001


Signature Gardens 1988 , All types of Catering ... Left to Right  pictured; Carlos , Andres, Tim and Andy
2011 Deering Bay Yacht and Country Club on premise garden


  1. "...and the general concensus is i'm a real asshole" but hey, you stack paper!

  2. Hey Pal:
    A lifer is a breathing, living human being that is burnt interiorly and exteriorly as well. His organs are cooked like a sausage and his brain is simply a stem from the years of shake and torment that the industry provides.