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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Contempt Prior to Investigation

 Summer 2003 I was putting in long days . I started building my house in remote area of Homestead. The parcel of land I had leased and farmed for 10 years in Kendall was sold to a developer , that property had a long interesting history but it would soon look like every other Kendall neighborhood, and its rich history forgotten. The new house construction was moving along well , I was working sun up till sun down. It was at this time I realized that the new farm was over run with rabbits !! OMG , My business is growing and selling lettuce , I have sold my house and moved my Kendall farm to a remote area over run with Rabbits ! Time for some basic problem solving . After much though and research I decided on the perfect solution, A 22 Magnum varmint rifle. I would have to shoot rabbits morning, noon and night in order to save my crop ,                                                                  November planting season I was vigilant, walking every row looking for rabbit tracks and damage every morning and night . By January I had come to the conclusion that the rabbits were not causing any crop damage , incredibly they have no interest what so ever in my lettuce ! It took new computer to solve the mystery ……. Marsh Rabbits are related to the big cottontail rabbits up north, except smaller love water and have a DIFFERENT DIET… . Marsh Rabbits don’t eat carrots and lettuce like “Peter Rabbit” and “Bugs Bunny”. I realized that my knowledge of rabbits was limited to bed time stories and cartoons .. Had I done my investigation first I could have saved much time and energy …. a w
Bugs Bunny  was always one step ahead of hunters

One of my favorite stories "Peter Rabbit " My Kindergarten teacher would read it to us at nap time..
Make sure you lose sleep waste time and money worrying about a problem ...Marsh rabbits are strictly herbivorous. Typically, they feed on leaves and bulbs of marsh plants including cattails, rushes, and grasses.[8] They can also feed on other aquatic or marsh plants such as centella, greenbrier vine, marsh pennywort, water hyacinth, wild potato, and amaryllis.[
Be vewy vewy quite !  I'm hunting Wabbits !!

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  1. Do you have a recipe for rabbit that you care to share?