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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Planting Fruit

Tommy Atkins , a good tasting Mango, trouble free trees and big yields
My lettuce season ended in early April. After Farm clean up and moving the compost piles, my attention turns to planting and harvesting tropical fruit. Our rainy season historically begins around May 15 more or less. I use the 30 day window to plant tropical fruit. I think that cloudy skies and plenty of rain is beneficial to newly planted trees, plants and shrubs. This season I have planted 2 mango trees , 3 bananas, 1 kaffir lime, 1 passion fruit vine, 3 red dragon fruit plants , 50 pineapples and 1 blueberry
this one will be harvested 6-17-11
My front yard, 50 new pineapple plants.  In 2 years time my goal is 500 plants
Chef's love the Kaffir lime leaf, we could not get it for years b/c citrus canker
Hua Moa

Passion Fruit vine, in time it well cover the Oak tree
new blueberry
New Mango, "Carie "  I got it in just before rainy season
The blackberry vine has worked out well , yielding 6 pints in 3 weeks . I will plant more of these
This pineapple will yield 8 new plants .  they normally yield 4-8 starter plants
Mysore Banana beginning to ripen
Beautiful  Dragon fruit flower,  A night blooming cactus flower
Valencia Mangoes , this year a  low yield

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