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Monday, June 20, 2011

Peak of the Season

Irwin Mangoes
 I remember the first time I tasted a mango. It was 1968 I was a 10 years old kid in Burlington Iowa. Jack Daley my neighbor served on an aircraft carrier in the Pacific during WWII , He spent many months in Hawaii and the Philippines . Like a lot of veterans he would not talk about the war, but he would talk about liberty call in far away ports with exotic food and customs. One day he brought home a strange fruit called a mango , he explained it grew on trees all over the South Pacific . Mr. Daley cut up the fruit and gave everyone a taste . Mango was and still is today the most delicious and exotic fruit I know,                               Experiences like this influenced with my life style choices. Right now we are in the peak of Mango season in South Florida , and Miami-Dade is the heart and soul of Mango production in the US. There is something old fashion and small town about a smiling neighbor giving you a bag of mangoes and the road side stands with handmade sign’s all over South Florida advertise “Mangoes 4 sale".. " Robert is Here" in Florida City,or "Norman Brothers" in Kendall both have large displays of local mango . First brought to Florida in 1833 and were an important crop right up to 1992 when Hurricane Andrew forever changed the landscape. World wide we can only estimate how many different varieties there are, some where around 1500. At the Fruit and spice park in the Redland they grow around 150 varieties. Tommy Atkins, Haden, Carrie, Glen and Irwin are good examples of South Florida Mango, relatively trouble free and big yields ( do you remember citrus kanker) .All the mango differ slightly in taste, size and texture and its worth your time and effort ,Right now we are in " The Peak of the Season " so enjoy the best of South Florida !

"Robert is Here" a friut and vegetable stand in Florida City since 1959  has a great selection and is worth the drive

Mango peel and sap contains urushiol, the chemical in poison ivy and poison sumac that can cause urushiol-induced contact dermatitis in susceptible people
Redland  Fruit and Spice park  show cases 150 different mangoes on its 37 acres.
Valencia pride
Give a tree plenty of sunlight and don't bother it
I let the fruit fall and pick it up

"Robert is Here"

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