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Monday, June 13, 2011

Man's best friend

"Zoey",   three year old female  7lbs. Chihuahua .  aka.  sneaky sneakerson
have you seen my boots ?
Last August I was harvesting bananas from the back of my property. I have 2 stands of Mysore bananas I planted 10 years ago, they are in my windbreak/spray drift boarder so they are in dense brush . On this particular day I had 3 stalks of bananas to harvest weighing around 40 lbs each so I drove the truck next to the trees. I was not listening to my “Walkman” today as  I normally due, the dog had chewed the earphones. (That darn dog !! Those earphones were $12. I didn't spend that much an engagement ring ). I walked down a narrow trail to the banana trees and heard strange a noise, I dismissed the noise as brush scraping my pants leg. I harvested the first banana stalk and walked back to the truck, I passed the area where I heard the strange noise before, this time there was no mistaking it. The noise was some kind of snake warning me I was to close . I had my machete in hand so I parted the grass to get a better look at what type of snake it was. At that time the snakes hiss was loud and menacing . I parted the cane grass enough to see a large well camouflaged snake of unknown species , being a country person I never kill snakes as their diet is primarily rats. Unfortunately this snake was to large and had to be destroyed . In the truck I always carry a pistol(and a concealed weapons permit) I grabbed the gun and shot the snake 3 times . It was only when the snake was thrashing about in death throes  I could see just how large it was . I was beginning to realize just how lucky I was that day, as the snake was coiled right under a stalk of bananas that was next to be cut. Had I been listening to my “Walkman” that day, blasting rock and roll music I never would have heard the snake . The dog saved me that day, maybe not in the Classic “ Timmy & Lassie” style , but I’ll take it… lol
how would you like to step on that ?
10 ft. Burmese python vs 38 special
nearly 30 lbs snake, too big to fit in a 5gal. bucket
The Burmese Python has an arrowhead type marking on the head
I now harvest bananas wearing leg guards

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