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Friday, June 24, 2011

Benefits of Recycling

Recycling has been an important part of Gardening and Farming for me for over 20 years. In 1989 I would drive around in a Toyota Corolla  and pick up bags of Grass clipping and leaves from peoples houses . I graduated to pick up truckloads of mulch from the County and manure from horse county . Later on I found a great source , a lawn service that would dump truck loads for $10. Today I have 65ft. Trucks deliver 100cu yard truckloads from a local horse track as well as composting my neighbors plant nursery refuge ( freeze damage plants, clipping and palm frowns) . The compost made from all this organic material is how I build and condition my soil. My business is built on what  people discard                                                                                                                                      So it only makes sense that one day at work I go tired of seeing pineapple tops in the garbage and began taking them home and propagating them . This years pineapple crop is around 70 up from 18 last year, however right now I have 250 plants in the ground and dozens more plants nearly ready for planting . Pineapple growing takes a big commitment as pineapple tops can take over 2 years to fruit. However once established, plants produce 5-8 starter plant per year( suckers, hapas, slips). The hapas in particular are prized in that they come with a small root system and will produce fruit in 1 year with reasonable care. I don’t know where this experiment is going but this morning my daughter and I shared a delicious ripe pineapple .
Suckers, Slips and Hapas develop below the fruit.. This plant will yield 6 starter plants including the top
beautiful purple flowers bloom on immature fruit
A member of the  Bromeliad family  the plants "spike" in late February
New  Pineapple bed 1of 5
Pineapple tops in a shade house
Homestead Farm, 65ft. truck dumps 100cu yard loads from Calder Racetrack
A great relationship with Franks, they would dump 12-15 loads a season (Kendall Farm) 1999
Kendall Farm 1992  a few months before Hurricane Andrew.    The kids; Erin, Timmy and Tess (stroller) help dad . Pickup truck loads from " horse country"

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